Aetos Japan, LLC (“Aetos Japan”) provides a full range of asset management and advisory services relating to investment sourcing, acquisition, structuring, leasing and repositioning, disposition planning, and pricing recommendations on purchase and sale with respect to real estate and real-estate related assets in Japan. Aetos Japan was established by Scott Kelley in 2001 and is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Aetos Capital Real Estate, LP.

To date, Aetos Japan has facilitated the acquisition of approximately $9 billion of real estate across approximately 50 transactions, disposition of approximately $5 billion of real estate, and financing or refinancing of more than $10 billion of real estate in Japan, including some of the largest and most complicated real estate transactions in Japan over the past 13 years. Highlights include the following:

  • Acquisition of two large real estate companies with approximately 400 total assets
  • Execution of two separate J-REIT equity offerings with total equity proceeds in excess of $1 billion

Aetos Japan has benefited from continuity of management since inception and have been fully committing to the business in Japan. The Aetos Japan team has relationships with a broad network of real estate investors, corporations, J-REITS, and limited property trusts, as well as lenders, servicers, brokers, and agents.